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Today watches are built to withstand varying degrees of water pressure and shocks and scrapes of all sorts. But a new watch from Seiko has been built to withstand the harsh environments found when the wearer is enjoying a pleasant Sunday afternoon spacewalk. Touted as the first watch ever designed for use in outer space might restrict the target market for the Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk watch somewhat, which is probably why Seiko will release a limited edition of only 100.

The original Spring Drive Spacewalk was built specifically for Richard Garriot, who became the seventh private space tourist by spending 12 days aboard the International Space Station (ISS) in October 2008. Two Spring Drive Spacewalk watches Richard took on his flight performed flawlessly, but they were really put to the test in December 2008 when they were worn by a Russian cosmonaut throughout a 5-hour-38-minute Extra-vehicular Activity (EVA), or spacewalk.

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